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Law Enforcement Assistance

As Ohio’s primary fusion center, the STACC facilitates the gathering, analysis and sharing of critical information in a timely and effective manner. It operates 24/7, providing first responders, private sector managers and other partners with quick, accurate, actionable intelligence and information.

What Does the STACC do?

In coordination with the Ohio Fusion Center Network, the STACC provides free 24/7 comprehensive counter-terrorism and criminal intelligence support, assistance in long-term or large-scale cases, as well as real-time traffic stop or crash support. The STACC aids with requests regarding school and workplace violence, threats to state-owned property and employees and terrorist activity or threats to Ohio.

  • Analysis and reporting of criminal and terrorism-related information and activity.
  • Dissemination of officer safety reports and awareness bulletins.
  • Security and threat assessments for special events and dignitary visits.
  • Case support and real-time assistance with phone number and record searches, law enforcement record checks and open source information analysis.
  • Link charts, pharmacy history, timelines and financial analysis.
  • Assistance to law enforcement and school districts regarding violence and bullying incidents, and threats to students, faculty or schools.

State Assets Local Law Enforcement Can Request

Event Security

SkyWatch™ Towers

  • 30-foot-tall SkyWatch™ Tower structure
  • Pan, tilt and zoom cameras with wired and wireless connection options for remote viewing
  • Transportation and set-up of the tower for the requesting agency
  • Trained OHS IP Unit staff member available to help with monitoring and operating the tower

Modular Vehicle Barriers

  • 3 boxes; each box will block a 24’ roadway
  • Flexible length – individual barrier units fit together to suit varying vehicle and road sizes
  • Physical vehicle barrier designed to prevent mid-size trucks cars and prevent unauthorized vehicles entry
  • Stops vehicle ramming attacks and prevents unauthorized vehicles from breaking into restricted or events areas

Barricaded Subject/High-Risk Entry

Special Response Team

  • Full-time tactical unit
  • Explosive, ballistic, mechanical breaching capabilities

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  

  • Outdoor searches
  • Indoor use including flying through a house or building to locate suspects
  • FLIR
  • Camera (fixed-position)
  • OSHP provides operator
  • 45 min – 1 hr. flight time (approx. 20 min. per battery)

iCOR Robots

  • Search rooms without an officer having to make entry 
  • Camera
  • 2-way communication with suspects
  • Deliver products like throw phones or food and deploy less-lethal munitions
  • Can climb steps, go over rough terrain and even drag an injured person to safety

Lenco B.E.A.R. Armored Vehicles 

  • Equipped with a mobile, adjustable ramp system which gives officers capabilities to get on top of a building or second floor of a hotel without having to make first floor entry

Launchable Munitions

  • CS Gas

Special Threats Movable Shields

  • 5 linkable Level III+ rifle-rated shields 
  • Can be bolted together to create a mobile “wall”
  • Used when it is not practical to use B.E.A.R. as protective measure due to space, environment, or terrain

Hostage Negotiators

Incident Command

Mobile Command Vehicle

Zumro Tent

  • Inflatable, portable shelter system
  • Heating/AC with generator

Crash & Crime Scene Assistance

  • Mapping and reconstruction



  • Caravan (13-passenger fixed-wing)
    • With video downlink
  • 3 American Eurocopter turbine-powered helicopters
    • Search assistance with FLIR
  • Aerial photography
  • Intelligence missions
  • Evidence relays

Forensic Video Analysis

  • Correctly extract video files from media including computers/laptops, DVR systems, proprietary video players (dash-cam systems) and websites
  • Analyze video for uses including single-frame grab (missing/endangered persons, person of interest, license plate, etc.), noise and/or blur reduction
  • Write official, technician-level reports and give testimony on video we analyze

Civil Unrest

Mobile Field Force

  • Response to critical incidents that involve large groups of individuals who are demonstrating outside the parameters of a peaceful demonstration
  • Can respond to potentially volatile or violent demonstrations to augment the local law enforcement who would also be involved in the event


  • (SRT) Barricades, walls, concrete
  • (Mobile Field Force) Removing protesters who chain, lock, or otherwise secure themselves to immovable objects, resulting in a difficult-to-remove human obstacle

Explosive Detection K9s

  • Regionally deployed at seven state universities and at Ohio Homeland Security in Columbus
    • Bowling Green State University
    • Cleveland State University
    • Kent State University
    • Ohio University 
    • The Ohio State University
    • University of Toledo
    • Youngstown State University

Weapons of Mass Destruction, Technician Level Tactical Responders

  • Troopers trained to work with personal protection equipment when first responders encounter a methamphetamine lab or fentanyl

24/7 Analytical Support

  • Investigative Case Support
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Threat Assessment
  • Columbus Police Department’s Counter Terrorism Unit
  • Classified Secret Level Access