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Critical Infrastructure Unit

Ohio Homeland Security’s Critical Infrastructure (CI) Unit protects critical infrastructure, key resources and assets by sharing information, conducting assessments, and identifying vulnerabilities and consequences.

The CI Unit helps to create a safer Ohio by providing threat and vulnerability assessments and by deploying SkyWatch™ Towers at the request of local law enforcement.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Security assessments concerning threats, vulnerability and risk are provided by Ohio Homeland Security (OHS) at no charge to public and private sector partners across Ohio. In order to determine vulnerable areas and suggestions for improvement, the assessments offer guidance regarding the safety of a given facility’s physical assets and operational procedures.

What is provided to you?

CI Unit assessors will review emergency plans and procedures with your management, look at facility threat and vulnerability assessment history, and identify potential mass casualty areas. Assessors evaluate:

  • Security Program Management
  • Perimeter Barriers
  • Building Barriers
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Access Controls
  • Security Force
  • Utility Services

After completion of your assessment, you will be provided a Summary of Findings, with an optional Out Brief presentation. All assessments will include commendable actions and remedial options for consideration.

SkyWatch™ Tower

The SkyWatch™ Tower is a 30-foot-tall mobile observational structure equipped to provide additional security and situational awareness to special events with crowds over 5,000 people. With four fully-functional pan, tilt and zoom cameras, the SkyWatch™ Tower provides 360-degree security awareness at no cost to law enforcement agencies across Ohio, dependent on availability.

The SkyWatch™ Tower adds an additional level of security to an event while only having a 15' x 30' footprint. The climate-controlled structure remains functional in hot and cold weather and is able to be self-powered by a generator or plugged into a local power source to ensure continuous surveillance. Operated mainly by OHS CI Unit staff, the SkyWatch™ Tower only requires one local law enforcement officer to be assigned to monitor the structure.

What is provided to you?

  • The 30-foot-tall SkyWatch™ Tower structure
  • Four fully-functional pan, tilt and zoom cameras with wired and wireless connection options for remote viewing
  • Transportation and set-up of the tower for the requesting agency
  • Trained OHS CI Unit staff member to help with monitoring and operating the tower
  • Ability to monitor for multiple days depending on availability