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Communication & Information Management System (CIMS)

CIMS is a password-protected, secured, web-based application utilized by our public- and private-sector partners. Through information sharing, CIMS empowers partners to improve planning and decision making before, during and after critical incidents.

A CIMS account offers sector-specific access to products, programs, and resources provided by Ohio Homeland Security. Your sector-specific homepage will display recent postings, alerts and bulletins. Depending on your login, you may have access to the following resource options:

  • Ohio Scrap Metal Program - information specific to scrap dealers and law enforcement  including dealer registration and transactions, as well as the “do not buy” list.
  • Education – school emergency management plans, emergency contact information and other educational resources.
  • Training – upcoming training opportunities.
  • Fire Emergency Response Plan
  • Law Enforcement Resource Portal – assets available for mutual aid.
  • Video Library – educational videos on topics such as active shooters, bomb threats and identity theft.
  • OHS Resources – including staff contacts, request forms and OHS regional map.
  • Emergency Partner Credentialing System – provides state-issued documentation to eligible personnel of organizations for enhanced access when aiding communities struck by disaster.

CIMS is available to all vetted OHS partners based on sector-specific needs.