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Ohio Homeland Security (OHS) is a Division of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. The main function of OHS is to analyze and share information, awareness, and vulnerabilities, and to develop strategies to prevent, prepare for, and protect against terrorism and other threats to public safety.

Analyze Threats

  • Cybersecurity analysts assist law enforcement with computer crime investigations and forensic support.
  • OHS catalogs Ohio’s critical infrastructure and provides security and vulnerability assessments. 
  • The Statewide Terrorism Analysis & Crime Center (STACC) provides 24/7 resources, expertise, and information to public safety and homeland security partners.

Share Information & Resources

  • The Communication and Information Management System (CIMS) is utilized to share alerts, bulletins, trainings, and notifications.
  • The Ohio Intelligence Liaison Officer (ILO) program increases collaboration by building relationships with local representatives for the purpose of analysis, sharing, and dissemination of intelligence.
  • Through the Ohio Public Private Partnership (OP3), hundreds member organizations share resources and services to help Ohioans quickly recover from disasters.
  • The STACC coordinates specialized assistance to local law enforcement such as special response teams, aviation support, forensic video analysis, and more.

Reduce Vulnerabilities

  • By registering Ohio’s scrap metal dealers and providing support to local law enforcement, Ohio’s Scrap Metal Program helps thwart metal theft and protect Ohio’s critical infrastructure.
  • OHS licenses and regulates security or investigative service providers and their employees as required by Ohio law to ensures providers are insured and meet state requirements.


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